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Grösse des R&G-Hitzeschildes: 490 x 800mm;     R&G Heat Shield has been specifically... mehr
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Grösse des R&G-Hitzeschildes: 490 x 800mm;

R&G Heat Shield has been specifically designed to protect components from the damaging effects of radiant heat. It features a composite construction of aluminium foil, silicone adhesive, glass cloth and flame resistant polyurethane, optimising barrier performance up to 500 degrees C, with minimal weight and material thickness. Presented in a self-adhesive format making it simple to install.

It has a higher than average 20mu aluminium foil face making it extremely durable and resilient even after repeated manipulation

during fabrication. The adhesive used to laminate the aluminium foil to the glass cloth is a special high temperature silicone adhesive, greatly reducing the chances of the foil cracking or delaminating from the glass cloth. In addition, the base glass cloth fabric is impregnated with a black flame resistant pu coating to prevent fraying during CNC machine slitting and fabrication, ensuring a clean cut and professional finish.

The R&G Heat Shield offers a flexible, easy to apply material to help reflect heat away from electrical components and can also be used on the inside of fairings, body panels etc. to protect paint finishes from extreme heat, the bottom of fuel tanks, inside of sumps, bottom of air boxes and to prevent heat transfer to swing arms on close fitting exhausts.

Available in cut sheets or slit rolls on request.

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